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  Advanced Bachelor of Bioinformatics

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HOWEST University of Applied Sciences wants you in their bioinformatics study programme!
Advanced bachelor of Bioinformatics … a small summary.
Bioinformatics is an emerging field, adding this extra degree to your curriculum, will have an added value to your resume.
Teaching dry-lab skills to people with a molecular biological background in order to function as a fully trained bioinformatician.
•    Working with databases (build them, retrieve, access and store data in it)
•    High throughput analysis (working on pipeline, data analysis in R)
•    Construction of a bioinformatics tool (using php for web application, writing python scripts)
•    Other: comparative genomics analysis, data mining, structural analysis in pymol, …
For more detailed information please access: http://bioinformatictools.howest.be/programme.pdf

For Who?
We recruit laboratory scientists who hold a diploma of higher education stating sufficient knowledge of molecular biology on bachelor level (e.g. Bachelor biomedical Laboratory Technology, bachelor biochemistry, bachelor biotechnology, …) also relevant Master degrees are eligible.
One year in daytime education
Two year in remote education (starts in September 2020)

Want more information?
Contact us: Bit@howest.be, visit our website


Datum : September 2020
Locatie : Howest University of Applied Sciences
Campus Brugge Station
Rijselstraat 5 - 8200 Brugge

Howest University of Applied Sciences

Voorwaarden :

You have sufficient knowledge of molecular biology based on your previous education (at least at bachelor level).